SC Governor Shuts Down State to Biden’s Unaccompanied Minors

As you well have heard by now, there is a major crisis at our nation’s southern border with Mexico. Thousands of illegals cross over our virtually unmanned and unprotected borders dailies, with many of them being unaccompanied minors and children. According to WGXA-TV, nearly 19,000 children crossed over the US-Mexico border on their own in […]

DeSantis Keeps Florida the Most Free State in the Nation, Rejects Vaccine Passports

Your government has failed you, the media has failed you, the “scientific” establishment has failed you, big business failed you—but Ron DeSantis will never fail you. The Biden administration and Dr. Fauci, its junior league tyrant politico emissary, want to railroad Americans into compliance with its tyrannical diktats by using vaccine passports to force U.S. […]

American Kids Rejected by Favorite Teachers as Illegals Take Their Seats

The country has been through a terrible year and is looking forward to living everyday life. The problem with that desire is that it is being trampled on by Democratic entities focused on keeping people pressed down by the weight of their thumb. And there is no place more obvious where this is happening than […]

Fauci Gets Lifelong Dream to Become a Fairy Tale

The little doctor Anthony Fauci has finally been granted his lifelong dream of having a permanent fairy tale land presence. He has decided to enter the world of authorship as he seeks to tell his story of his life in a child’s book. Fauci had to settle for second place because no adult would honestly […]

Us Prison Guards Are Being Defiant as Health Officials Raise Red Flag…”Keep Your Vaccine”

The COVID-19 vaccine has been rolled out to U.S. prisons where the residents within have no option other than to receive it. The virus has already claimed thousands of inmate’s lives, and at one point, one in five of them were infected. But the rough and tumble crew who keep watch over this dangerous breed […]

Texas Gov. Abbott Does What Biden Isn’t Willing to Do to Protect Americans From Foreign Invaders

If Texans know anything, it’s how acutely close the United States is to our southern neighbor, and exactly what benefits and risks that brings with it. Texas also has the distinct advantage of having been its own country, which, as I’m sure a Texan would never remind you, sets them apart from the rest of […]

Oregon Counties Move to Secede and Join Idaho

As you’ve likely heard, the northwestern state of Oregon has become increasingly liberal in recent years. But like many Democratic-held states, not everyone in the state has the same political tendencies. Just as Chicago gives its state of Illinois Democratic power, Oregon’s western coastline does the same. However, the rest of the state, by enlarge, […]

Dr. Fauci Bums Out America with Talk on Masks

Dr. Fauci may have become a pop-culture icon over the past year, but he’s never known for being the bearer of good news. Every time the man opens his mouth, he brings doom and gloom. One mask, two masks, three masks… How many masks does he really expect us to wear at one time? Whether […]

The State Dept Is Remaining Secretive Concerning a Call Between the U.S. Iran-Envoy and China

Sometimes a person just knows in their “knower” when something stinks to high heaven. And even though the Biden administration doesn’t require a great deal of intuitiveness on anyone’s part to distinguish the foul odor seeping out of the White House, and the stench keeps getting worse. Former President Donald Trump was an expert at […]

Liberals Find New Unique Way to Twist the Knife in Trump’s Legacy

Running for president of the United States was far from former President Donald Trump’s first foray into the public eye. He was notably in multiple films and television shows, including The Celebrity Apprentice where he held a key role. His appearances in franchises such as Home Alone and other films was almost as iconic as […]

Liberals Continue to Violently Take to the Streets to Exercise Their Hatred for Law and Order

Liberals and their violent buddies continue their rampage across the streets of American cities. They attack private citizens and overrun businesses while chanting about how unfair life is for them. And yet will all of the violence, there is not one Democrat that condemns their behavior because they are focused on an act of so-called […]

Biden Proves Minorities and Women Mean Nothing to Him

The vast dark agenda that Joe Biden and his wannabe vice president are pressing on the people just keeps getting worse. His puppet masters have finally announced their list of demands that they would like to see happen at the start of his presidency. The executive orders left for him to sift through at the […]

AOC Just Declared America’s Southern States “Liberated”…Read This Crock and Tell Us What You Think

The honorary Mouseketeer of the Democratic party is at it again. Though it has much to do with the company she keeps, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has always been a rebel in her own mind. A genuine freedom fighter. The sometimes bubbly, other times raucous AOC, sat before her 8.3 followers on Instagram to relay her deranged […]

Vernon Jones Makes the Switch to the GOP Official

Well, he’s done it. Georgia Representative Vernon Jones has finally made the switch to the Republican Party. On Wednesday, Jones announced via his Twitter account that he was making the switch and promising to stand and “fight” for what our country needs in a time when it is desperately needed. He wrote, “Now, more than […]

Georgia Senate Runoff Election: Don’t Expect Timely Results

There might be a lot of technology involved in modern elections, but apparently not enough to get timely results. Results weren’t immediately known for the presidential election in November. Now, experts are preparing the country for having to wait for the Senate runoff election results in January, too. Who is going to have the Senate […]

No, Hollywood, You Can’t Sue Mike Pence Because He Said ‘Guardians’

The military has a long history of using the word “guardians’ to describe those who are assigned to various departments. It’s been associated with space operations since 1983 when the Air Force Space command motto was “Guardians of the High Frontier.” Mike Pence made the announcement that troops within the sixth branch of the military […]

Obama for a THIRD Term? Here’s How It Will Happen!

According to media, Biden and Harris have won the White House. Hell, even the electoral college agrees now. The question every conservative is asking is: How did this happen? I mean, why would anyone even vote for such dementia prone old man anyway? Well, besides the obvious ‘orange man bad’ mantra of the political left, […]

Swamp Anyone? Joe Biden’s Brother Also Under Investigation for Crimes Against America

Most (if not all) of our readers are probably well aware of the Hunter Biden investigation that is already underway. However, some may not know about the other investigations that the Biden family is experiencing. Joe’s son is not the only one who is in the federal crosshairs. His brother also finds himself under investigation […]

DOJ Still Marching Through the Evidence to Find Enough Proof to Kick Biden Out

President Trump has called on the Department of Justice to get their act together and start looking into the reports of fraud popping up all over the place. At the start, William Barr, the Attorney General, made reference that there was nothing that they had found to date to indicate the widespread fraud showing up. […]

BLM Is Demanding Pay-Back for Staging Riots in Support of Biden

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Cullors is delivering a very clear message to the Biden administration. Since BLM was responsible for helping to support Biden during the election cycle, they are asking to be repaid for their assistance. Cullors has yet to issue a specific demand but it is easy enough to read between the […]

GA Recount Proves Fraud Did Take Place

President Trump is taking the election results to the cleaners as he challenges the apparent fraud that filled the Biden vote basket. It was evident to every single viewer on election night that something was wrong as several states shut down because President Trump was taking a massive lead. The issue is that while the […]

Watch Hollywood Biden Supporters Celebrate by Beating Trump Effigy (Video)

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is supposed to be a prime location for tourists to learn more about the stars that have made this town what it is today. A crowd gathered at this spot recently and decided to partake in some of the most disgusting behavior that we have ever seen. The liberals are […]

Are Businesses Being Threatened? Many Prepare for Liberal Riots

The political pressure is so thick around the country that it’s getting hard to breathe. . It’s only a matter of time before the contestations come pouring in. Biden may want to see Florida recounted and Trump may want to see Arizona recounted. There’s no telling how all of the chips will fall. As the […]

Petite Marine Admin Spec Charged With Attempted Murder for Attacking Her Boyfriend…but Should She Be?

Marine Corps Corporal Thae Ohu, a 27-year-old female, was the victim of a sexual attack by a fellow marine several years ago. The corporal, still on active duty, to this day suffers from PTSD as a result. Ohu is now on the receiving end of military discipline due to her own behavior. She’s been locked […]

Democrats Use Fake Actors to Push Their Lies in Ad Campaigns

Joe Biden and his campaign monkeys are the standards for the definition of lying. They are the masters of twisting the facts to meet up with their agenda and plans. Even their ads tell lies. But they have fallen to a new low as even the ad actors are not who they are claiming to […]

Barrett Owns Democrats as They Try to Trap Her With Words

The iconic picture of Amy Coney Barrett holding up her notepad by request an ally has proven that the Democrats are no match for the elite. Barrett is one of many that the Democrats cannot control. Her empty notepad symbolizes what being steadfast and determined can do for a person being attacked by hateful Democrats […]

Lindsay Graham’s Challenger Takes Unprecedented Step

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham became a household name during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he vehemently stood up to his Democratic counterparts for what he considered a gross miscarriage of justice toward the Catholic father of two. Graham, who (at the time) served on the committee, chaired by […]

Murder in the Streets is Democrats Legacy

Black Lives Matter people are the cruelest parasites living in the country. The group started out claiming that they were protesting for social change because they believed that law enforcement was abusing black people. But their pernicious ways are really about selfish greed and taking what does not belong to them. Instead, they would murder […]

Police Tells Citizens to Surrender Property to BLM and Obey Them

All across America, people are being threatened to give up their milk money or Black Lives Matter and their liberal cohorts are going to radically beat them to get what they want. The liberals torched the 3rd precinct of Minneapolis after George Floyd was killed. Ever since that Democratic staged day, liberal criminals have been […]

Finally! Reluctant Mayor Seeks Trump’s Help with Violence

There is nothing better than watching a Democrat beg for help from President Trump because their methods of crime prevention were so bad that crime is out of control. Lori Lightfoot is the arrogant mayor of Chicago that thumbed her nose at President Trump’s offer for help in stopping the crime. But now her reluctance […]

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