Massive Support to Fund Police and Democrats are Stunned

Defunding of the police in Seattle is not sitting well with the millions of people that actually support the police. The minority of police haters are finding out that their push to cripple the police is backfiring in their faces. People all over the city are pressuring the city council to vote down the measure […]

Judge Tells Feds in Portland “Don’t Target Press” While Feds Say “Everyone Else Is a Target” as Tensions Escalate

When a Democrat hates something about the country and it affects them, they run to the courts seeking a way to stop the matter from taking place. Every time President Trump issues an executive order, they run to file an injunction. Each time a Republican-run city issues a new law, they enlist the help of […]

Trump Train Coming Through! Biden Loses Michigan Before Election Takes Place

Joe Biden now has the new name of “puppet” as he heads into the final leg of the race against President Trump. His mind has withered away to practically nothing as he is fed what he must say and do when in public. The American people that love Biden so much need to ask themselves […]

ESPN Host Previously Slammed Trump Over Rioters Gets Rude Awakening – After They Show Up to His Home

Let’s just pretend that everything is great. In fact, let’s pretend so much so that we make fun of Trump’s tweets when he says anything that resembles reality. By pretending, we can go on about our lives. Only, what happens when the façade comes crashing down? An ESPN radio host got a harsh dose of […]

What?! Gov. Cuomo Declares War…On Chicken Wings?

As the novel coronavirus seems to be making a rather massive comeback, states, where the confirmed number of cases is growing significantly, are starting to restrict life as we know it again. Or should I say more, as some states have yet to release their citizens from the draconian lockdowns that have been in place […]

NFL Team is Neutered to Appease the Left

The liberals don’t know how to let well enough alone. Their cancel culture has destroyed all the good in the world…and now they have come for the NFL. The Washington Redskins has been using the name for decades and it was widely accepted. The logo was even designed by and approved by Native American leaders. […]

He’s Back: Beto Drops In to Call the Texas GOP a ‘Death Cult’ and Praise ‘Hero’ COVID Cuomo

Beto O’Rourke scurried away from the limelight when his quest to become the next president imploded. After spouting out a few doozies before he left, he hasn’t been heard from – until now. He doesn’t want to be forgotten. Beto wanted to be the savior of the United States. Now, he’ll spout any lie he […]

Trump Say Illegals Will Not be Counted for Redistricting – You Won’t Believe the Reaction

President Donald Trump made some huge waves this week when he announced his new plan that would exclude undocumented or illegal aliens from being counted in the apportionment of congressional representation. On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he had just signed over a memorandum to the Secretary of Commerce, directing that only US citizens and […]

Missouri Governor Will Issue Pardon ‘Without a Doubt,’ Because Prosecutor’s ‘Defy Common Sense’

The right to protect one’s castle is a fundamental freedom of every American. Laws vary from state to state, but no one has the right to invade another person’s home and destroy their property. The Black Lives Matter people do not seem to understand this point. As they damage public and private property, they are […]

Biden Family’s Long History of Crimes — Why Haven’t They Been Arrested?

It has been implied numerous times that President Donald Trump continually abuses the powers of his current office, using them for personal gain rather than what they were intended for. As I am sure you have heard, one of the most recent examples of this abuse took place last week, when longtime Republican advocate Roger […]

Shocker: Democrats Lose Major NAPO Endorsement to Trump

President Trump continues to make all of the right moves to set the Democrats back years in their quest for control of the White House. Terrorist liberals seek to defund the police around the country. They have sided with groups determined to remove law enforcement by stripping them of the money needed to keep the […]

Secret Attacks from Russia Over Vaccine Development

The coronavirus has become a brand name in every household around the world. The fight to contain and stop the spread has been the goal of every nation around the world. But there have been those few rogue nations that have tried to sabotage the effort to rid the world of COVID-19. Their efforts have […]

Minneapolis Wants to Let it All Hang Out, Literally

Want to know what happens when Dems rule a city? They let it all hang out – weapons, breasts…you name it. Just as Minneapolis finally gets their riots under control, they now want to vote on repealing a rule that would prohibit women from going topless throughout city parks. That’s a normal thing to do, […]

Ilhan Omar Isn’t Just Part of the Swamp, She’s Swimming Around in It

Ilhan Omar is the epitome of a swamp monster. She may be a freshman in the House of Representatives, but she learned quickly what it means to be a corrupt Dem. Instead of dipping her toes into the swamp of Capitol Hill, she has decided to dive right in, choosing to be as corrupt as […]

Portland Democrat Defies all Reasoning and Tells Feds to Leave the City

One by one, Democrats are showing their true colors as they have to deal with the backlash against them from the months of violence that they have let ruin their areas of control. Ted Wheeler, the Portland, Oregon Mayor, has gone off the deep end and started bashing agents of the Department of Homeland Security. […]

Wisconsin’s Mail-In Voting Wasn’t Just Bad, It Was Disastrous

When it became apparent that the novel coronavirus was indeed a pandemic and quickly spreading throughout the whole of our country, we all knew it things would have to change. And since this is an election year, both for the office of president as well as many other titles, voting would be one of those […]

Sickening! Texas Emergency Chief: Mask It or Casket, Wear Masks at Home Too!

Wearing a mask, as many studies suggest, can be, in fact, quite effective at slowing the spread of such diseases like the novel coronavirus that has terrorized our nation since the beginning of the year. And as such, many states and local jurisdictions have issued mask-wearing policies that require them for anyone leaving their home. […]

Widow of Man in the Trump Family Tell-All Speaks Out…’This Hurts’

As you’ve likely heard, President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, has a book coming out very soon. Supposedly, it is filled with shocking stories of the President’s youth and younger years that are meant to, once they come to light, be the ruination of his political career. However, upon a closer examination of both […]

Convicted Rapist Serving 1000 Years Plus Life Gets New Trial…His New Sentence may be a Scalping

A couple of centuries ago, Native-Americans, or Indians, as they were called prior to the day’s of political correctness, owned this country we now call home. And they weren’t always overly anxious to share. To hitch a wagon to a team of horses and “go west young man,” was a dangerous undertaking in which many […]

Founder of America’s Exclusive ‘Wine Partnership’

“For the First Time Ever, We’re Opening Our Cellar to Every American… Enjoy These 3 Amazing Malbecs!” A Personal Malbec from Argentina’s Top Winemaker (95 points) The Exclusive 8,950 ft. Malbec from Argentina’s Remote Salta Valley A “Grand Reserve” Malbec From The Sacred Inca Valley of Famatina A Tradition 200 Years in the Making A […]

Couple Charged with Hate Crime for Going Against Far-Left BLM Neo-Marxist Political Statement

In this age, where the political left’s cancel culture has seemingly taken over, it has become commonplace to examine nearly every aspect of our lives through the lens of a finely tuned microscope. And if anything is found that could be even remotely related to racism, bigotry, or, dare I say, an opinion that doesn’t […]

Actor Terry Crews on BLM: “I Don’t Want to Move From One Oppressor to The Next”

Terry Crews got real with Don Lemon on CNN. He believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is too extreme, and he doesn’t want to move from one oppressor to the next. Crews has caught a lot of heat for his comments. However, he breaks it down in a simple way: Black lives matter shouldn’t […]

BLM: What Really Matters is Marxism, Not Black Lives

Black Lives Matter, as does all life. But this seemingly harmless group is proving to be anything but calm. Their beliefs and demands that they are making are nothing short of being selfish and hypocritical at best. They claim that they want to save lives by calling attention to the violence that floods their nationality […]

Father Grieving Son Killed in ‘CHOP’ Zone Calls for Support…Then the Phone Rings

Seattle is a city under siege by the Democrats. The people that were allowed to take over part of the downtown area and set up their lawless base of operation has disrupted the lives of many Americans. This stunt that is supported by Seattle Democrats has led to the murder of several young people. And […]

Sioux Leaders Bring Cancel Culture to Mt. Rushmore, It’s “A Great Sign of Disrespect”

Mount Rushmore, since its construction in that ended in the early 1940s, has been a symbol of American patriotism and ingenuity. Each year, about three million people visit the site and stand in awe of its size and grandeur. However, not all are all that impressed with the site. And according to some, it should […]

WATCH: Florida Sheriff Wants Vigilante Justice…”You’ve Been Warned!”

The citizens of Jacksonville, Florida have had enough of the protestors and the violence. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has had enough as well. Sheriff Darryl Daniels is known for his tough stance on crime and people that want to disrupt a peaceful way of living. He has stated that he is willing to take […]

Rashida Tlaib Gets Schooled by Detroit Police Chief, Says She’s ‘Totally Inaccurate’

Rashida Tlaib has been an outspoken member of the Democratic Party. As one of the freshmen women in “The Squad” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she has the same tendency to talk without thinking. The Michigan Congresswoman has been pointing the finger at the Detroit Police, claiming that they’re abusing peaceful protesters. While some people will dismiss […]

Hilarious: ‘Sleepy Joe’ Can’t Wait to Test His ‘Cognitive Ability’ with Trump (We Can’t Wait Either!)

It’s all anyone can talk about – Joe Biden’s mental state. He mumbles. He gets confused on dates. And he talks about absolute nonsense. Biden is very aware of how everyone is talking about whether he’s senile, too. Rather than simply tell everyone that he’s fine or get tested for dementia, he’s decided that he […]

Cancel Culture Gets the ‘Golden Girls’ Pulled, Prompts Outcry from Both Sides

It’s official: the left has created a monster with its ever-growing cancel culture. The proof lies in the fact that more and more progressive organizations are canceling their own creations out of fear that if they don’t, others will. Case and point: Hulu just pulled a 1980’s episode of “The Golden Girls” in the fear […]

VIDEO: His Son was Murdered by an Illegal says BLM Ignored his Cries – ‘I’m Black, Where’s our Help?’

African Americans all over the country are finding out that the group they thought was going to enact real change in America is nothing more than a sham. The Black Lives Matter group has connected themselves from their inception with terrorist people. They are leading the group from the top down to make money and […]

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