California Shuts Down…Again. This Is The Question Gov. Newsom Needs To Be Asked.

(Liberty Bell) – The state of California is not known for its fiscal responsibility. The state itself is burdened with debt and a host of massive public crises, like homelessness, illegal immigration, and steadily increasing cost-of-living. Residents have been fleeing the state in droves in recent years, seeking cheaper, freer states where they don’t have […]

Here’s Why Mueller Investigation Prosecutor Thinks Stone Sentence Was Really Commuted

(Liberty Bell) – The bulldog of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation, notorious now-former prosecutor Andrew Weissman, has lashed out in the wake of President Donald Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. Stone was convicted of charges relating to the sham Russia investigation, and Trump commuted his sentence hours before he was set to begin […]

NYT Op-Ed Writer Quits NYT, Pens This Scorching Letter About Anti-Free Speech Fake News Rag

(Liberty Bell) – A New York Times writer and editor hired to share independent views has quit in a scorching open letter blasting the notoriously left-leaning paper for letting social media outrage culture influence the New York Times to suppress or attack free speech. Bari Weiss was hired her after the 2016 election of President […]

Leftist In-Fight: Why Anti-Trumper Michael Rapaport Just Turned On Socialist Darling AOC

(Liberty Bell) – Actor Michael Rapaport has made no secret of the fact that he hates Trump with the passion of a thousand suns. Not that it’s original for a Hollywood leftist to hate President Trump. It’s kind of cute that they all think they’re so daring for slamming the president that basically every entitled, […]

Bombshell: Clinton Knew Steele Was Compiling Dossier! The Explosive Revelation…

(Liberty Bell) – In documents released on Wednesday, it was revealed that the FBI was aware, as early as July 5, 2016, that former MI6 agent Christopher Steele acknowledged that Hillary Clinton was personally aware of the now-debunked Trump-Russia dossier that he put together. Let that sink in. Clinton, who at the time was running […]

The Sick Threats Portland Police Were Subject To As They Responded To Fire Amid Protests

(Liberty Bell) – There are thousands of brave men and women who willingly put their lives on the line each and every day. They are not all 100% righteous people and there are bad apples in every bunch who need to be held accountable for any wrongdoing. But the vast majority of them do their […]

Thomas Sowell Reveals What The “Point Of No Return” Is For Our Country, And It’s Chilling

(Liberty Bell) – One of the great authors and thinkers of our time, Thomas Sowell, has spoken on the issues most seriously impacting our nation today. The 90-year-old economist and social theorist joined Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Sunday evening with host Mark Levin, where he described our upcoming election as one of […]

Steve Hilton Says Parents Of Kids Whose Schools Don’t Open In The Fall Should Demand This From The District

(Liberty Bell) – As schools across the country grapple with how to re-open in the fall, one Fox News host has a pretty fantastic idea for how to hold districts’ feet to the fire. Steve Hilton, host of Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” encouraged the parents watching his program on Sunday evening to demand […]

Nancy Pelosi Lies Blatantly While Calling For Trump’s Power To Be Restricted

(Liberty Bell) – Everyone is so focused on the cognitive decline of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden but what about Nancy Pelosi? Nobody in Washington DC spews fake news and misinformation quite like the Speaker of the House. She clearly has some kind of mental disorder in which she earnestly believes that if she just […]

Why The Governor Of Utah Was Forced To Declare A “State Of Emergency”

(Liberty Bell) – Major US cities have been turned into war zones since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the hands of police. Black Lives Matter has become the ruling cabal of the day and anyone who dares disagree or point out their obvious lack of concern for actual black lives is […]

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