Rumors Of Bloomberg-Clinton Ticket Sets Internet Ablaze…Check Out These Hilarious Tweets

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday, a report from Drudge that former NYC mayor, billionaire, and 2020 primary candidate Michael Bloomberg is considering one Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate should he (somehow) win his party’s nomination. This, naturally, set the internet on fire. Does this man really want his life to be the only […]

And The Winner Of The Democratic Primary….No One? This Is Bad News For Dems

(Liberty Bell) – The clown show that is the Democratic party seems poised to deliver even more laughs at their expense as it becomes increasingly less likely that any of the candidates will be able to get a majority of delegates to gain the nomination. It’s actually the most likely scenario, reported the Western Journal, […]

Huge: What Do Andrew McCabe And Criminal Pakistani IT Guy Imran Awan Have In Common?

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, the Department of Justice announced that they’d dropped their criminal investigation into former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, to the chagrin of many. According to McCabe’s attorneys, who announced the news on Friday, the case is officially closed. McCabe, The Gateway Pundit explained, leaked confidential investigation details and information to […]

Busted: What Bernie Sanders Just Got Caught Doing Will Crack You Up

(Liberty Bell) – What is it about leftists? It seems like the more far-left someone leans, the more likely they are to be complete and total hypocrites. And none more so than climate alarmists, who demand the rest of us live in poverty in an upended economic system while they fly around on private jets. […]

Sean Hannity Reveals Sources Tell Him These Deep State Crooks Are “About To See Their Worlds Rocked”

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, we learned that corrupt one-time FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was let off the hook for leaking to the media and then lying about it under oath, all to damage President Donald Trump. This was a rather serious blow to those hoping to see justice return to Washington DC and […]

Epic: Sen. Ben Sasse Slams “Scumbag Attorney” Michael Avenatti. You’ve Got To Read This.

(Liberty Bell) – Michael Avenatti, the “Creepy Porn Lawyer” who spent the better part fo 2018 on one cable news show or another, has been convicted of extortion. If you think that he well deserves it, you’re not alone. Many on the right were laughing and cheering at the news of the obnoxious, self-obsessed, and […]

Take A Look At Who Just Took A Massive Ten Point Lead In Democratic Party Poll; This Is Terrifying

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has been moving more and more to the left in recent decades, but the latest poll conducted by Morning Consult reveals that it seems the liberals in the party are now willing to embrace socialism in total. Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is riding high […]

LOL: Here’s How Real Latinos Reacted To Pete Buttigieg’s Fumbling Attempt At Speaking Spanish

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday night, former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg tried to get a town hall event with Latino voters started by brandishing his Spanish language skills. It didn’t go very well. The 30-something homosexual began in Spanish by saying “Thanks for inviting us to speak…” then got all tongue-tied. He was […]

Here’s Why Former AG Whitaker Thinks Mueller Team Stunt With Roger Stone Was A “Set-Up”

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton floated the idea that the prosecutors in the Roger Stone case who resigned after pushing for an extremely harsh sentence for Stone’s process crimes may have laid a “trap” for Attorney General Bill Barr. A few hours later, during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham […]

Report Reveals That Roger Stone Case Isn’t The Only Time Prosecutors Have Misled AG Barr…Here’s What They Did To Michael Flynn!

(Liberty Bell) – All the controversy surrounding Attorney General Bill Barr this week seems to be a coordinated attack on the part of the Deep State and the Democrats, but what else is new? The prosecutors in the case against Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally who was unfortunately caught in the crosshairs of the […]

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