BOMBSHELL: New Lawsuit Claims 45,000 Vaccine Deaths Being Hidden

(Liberty Bell) – Attorney Thomas Renz has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in the state of Alabama this week that makes allegations of an enormous government cover-up of vaccine-related deaths in the United States that number “at least 45,000.” A new report from WND reveals that the suit, which has been filed on […]

MSNBC Warns Viewers: “Patriot” Is Hate Speech — Be On The Lookout For Online Groups That Use The Word

(Liberty Bell) – We are living in a strange time in American history. It’s now become cool and hip for individuals to hate on the flag and label it a symbol of racism. The National Anthem has been deemed to be offensive. And apparently, the word “patriot” is now a code word that is used […]

DHS Training Program Prepares For Rural Lockdowns, Mass Quarantines For Unvaccinated Americans

(Liberty Bell) – If you think COVID is over, you’d better think again. By now, you’ve likely heard about the “Delta variant” and how it’s so much more infectious and contagious than the original COVID-19 virus. This is the government preparing America for what’s to come in the fall. After we’ve all enjoyed our summer […]

BREAKING: VoterGA Requests Full Forensic Audit Of Election Results In Georgia — New Information Indicates Several Counties Might Be Worse Than Fulton County

(Liberty Bell) – VoterGA, a group of individuals who are concerned about accurate elections and voting integrity, announced on Tuesday of this week that they are now in possession of additional information about the state’s election results and are now making an open call for a full forensic audit of the entire state. According to […]

Jan 6 Patriot Faces 20-Years In Prison For Crime Of Walking Through Capitol For 10 Minutes

(Liberty Bell) – First the left stole the 2020 election, then they went to work protecting the fraudulent regime by any means possible. The entire Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a staged event put on by the corrupt Deep State FBI for the sole purpose of criminalizing the left’s political rivals including President Trump himself. […]

Mike Lindell Offers $5 Million Reward To Any “Cyber Guys” Who Can Disprove His Election Fraud Evidence

(Liberty Bell) – Mike Lindell certainly has no problem putting his money where his mouth is. The MyPillow founder and CEO has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump since the stolen election in November. Not only has he stood by President Trump but he’s been canceled in every way imaginable and harassed, disparaged, and […]

BOOM! Rand Paul To Request Criminal Investigation Into Anthony Fauci And Gain-Of-Function Research (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – Senator Rand Paul is no fan of Dr. Fauci. That has become abundantly clear. It’s also become apparent Paul is one of the few members of Congress willing to go after Fauci despite the Biden regime’s protections of him. Sen. Paul is demanding Fauci be held accountable for the numerous lies he […]

ALERT: Democrats Move To Prevent Trump From Becoming House Speaker In 2022

(Liberty Bell) – One of the many topics of discussions amongst Trump fans and supporters is how to get him back into Washington DC to save America. One potential route that’s been brought up is the possibility of Trump becoming the US Speaker of the House should Republicans take back the majority in 2022, as […]

BREAKING: GOP Traitor Liz Cheney Holds Presser, Trashes McCarthy, Stands With Pelosi For Blocking Jim Jordan and Jim Banks From Jan. 6 Commission

(Liberty Bell) – House Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is desperate to stay in the spotlight. Any opportunity she can to disparage her fellow Republicans, she doesn’t hesitate to take. In response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting two of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the sham Jan. 6 investigation committee, McCarthy pulled all […]

BREAKING: Five Michigan Counties Risk Breaking Federal Law And Cease And Desist Orders By Erasing 2020 Election Data From Their Voting Machines

(Liberty Bell) – In some states, elected officials have stepped up to the plate and demanded audits and investigations into the fraudulent 2020 election. Arizona is all but finished with their historic audit of Maricopa County, Republicans in Pennsylvania and Georgia are moving forward to initiate audits, and even the great state of Texas is […]

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