New Poll: Only Half Of Voters Believe Congress Gave “Fair Hearing” To Election Fraud Allegations

(Liberty Bell) – Millions of Americans still believe there was massive, widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election and that Joe Biden was not the rightful winner. Millions of Americans believe that Joe Biden is a fraudulent usurper president and while he may have been officially sworn in Wednesday, they don’t believe he’s a […]

Biden Inauguration Video Only Pulls In 320,000 Views On WH YouTube Channel — And The In-Person Crowd Is Even More Pathetic

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Thursday, an event that should be a huge, momentous occasion, especially since we now have the first black, female vice president in the history of our country. This normally should have drawn in massive crowds, both online and […]

The Facts: President Trump Leaves White House With Higher Approval Rating And Better Positioned GOP Than Bush

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the left’s insistence that President Trump is the worst president in US history, he is leaving the White House with a much higher approval rating than the last GOP president had upon departure and with the GOP in a much better position to win elections up and down the ballot in […]

Internet Goes Gaga Over Kamala’s Socks As She Cackles Over Inappropriate Impeachment Joke

(Liberty Bell) – The second impeachment charade against President Trump was shockingly far more egregious than the first. At least during the first there were hearings where evidence was presented and discussed and eyewitnesses testified (the fact that it was all bogus is irrelevant right now). The second go round, however, took place start to […]

After Four Years Of Abuse Melania Trump Gives Gracious And Classy Farewell Message To America

(Liberty Bell) – Over the course of the last four years President Trump hasn’t been the only one under attack by the deranged left and their sycophant media lapdogs. They’ve also rabidly been after First Lady Melania Trump. While Kamala Harris made it on the cover of Vogue magazine, wearing her trademark pantsuit and sneakers, […]

Following A Twitter Suspension, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams The “Silicon Valley Cartel”

(Liberty Bell) – Freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is showing the country just how Republicans in the new Republican Party need to respond to the left. The days of kowtowing and complacency are in the rear-view and thanks to President Trump a new GOP has been born. Those hoping to return to the days […]

Joe Biden’s Bizarre Appearance At Philly Food Bank Sets Off Social Media Speculation

(Liberty Bell) – After four years of relentless attacks and insults towards President Trump from the mainstream media, the era of Dear Leader Joe Biden is now upon us. Over the course of his entire term, the rabid leftwing media couldn’t ever muster up a single positive thing to say about President Trump, despite all […]

Lou Dobbs Declares Trump Has Faced “Most Vile, Venomous Assault Ever Conducted On President” Since This Historic Assassination

(Liberty Bell) – Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is slamming the “corrupt forces” with in the United States government who have been working to “destroy” President Donald Trump throughout his presidency. On his program on Friday Dobbs described the “vile, venomous assault” on the 45th president which he said has been worse than that on […]

Rand Paul Gives Stern Warning To Senate Leadership, Says One Third Of Party Will Leave

(Liberty Bell) – The Senate’s resident libertarian-leaning Republican, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), is warning that one third of the party is set to leave if the upper chamber goes along with the push to impeach President Donald Trump after he’s left office. If they go forward with it, he says, it will “destroy the party.” […]

Salon Owner Reacts To Minneapolis City Officials Getting Raises While Businesses Go Under

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus pandemic is still killing small businesses and American’s livelihoods. Despite the fact that there is now a vaccine and much better treatment protocols, the lockdowns continue. The most frustrating part of the lockdowns is the fact that those who are mandating them haven’t missed out on so much as a […]

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