Hidin’ Joe Biden Had This To Say About Pelosi’s Call For Him To Get Out Of The Debates

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret the left does not want their presidential nominee, Joe Biden, going up against President Trump in the debate ring. Of course, they disguise their concerns as President Trump being too “dishonest” to debate but we all know Joe Biden is simply too incompetent and unfit to get on stage […]

Retired Miami Police Officer Issued This Warning About The Left’s Calls To Defund The Police

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the police killing of George Floyd back in May, the rabid left has been demonizing the police and calling for their defunding. While some leftists try to defend this call as simply moving funds around to provide better community interaction and responses to crime via law enforcement others are quite […]

Huge: Did The FBI Cover Up Clinton Foundation Corruption? Here’s Who’s Looking Into It

(Liberty Bell) – It’s amazing that the Democrats so boldly repeat over and over again that President Barack Obama’s time in the White House saw no scandal. “Not even a whisper,” as Obama’s Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has bragged. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Obama’s presidency was marred […]

Even Amy Coney Barrett’s Adopted Children Aren’t Safe From The Media Attacks

(Liberty Bell) – We all remember how the left treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing. It was sick and disgusting. The left sought to ruin this man’s life all because he was nominated to the court. He’d gone his whole career enjoying bipartisan support for his judgeship and by all accounts […]

Check This Out: Schweizer Talks ‘Major Holes’ In Joe Biden’s Explanation About Not Talking Business With Son, Hunter

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have worked over time at the beginning of the year to try and impeach President Trump and give him the old boot out of office, alleging that he abused his power in a phone call with Ukraine officials in order to get an investigation into Joe Biden and his son started. […]

Must See: This Political Ad Featuring Dan Crenshaw Might Be The Greatest Ever Created

(Liberty Bell) – One of the best, most effective methods to get your political message out to the masses during an election year is through the use of advertisements. Yes, we all know it can be annoying to get constantly bombarded by these ads and the mudslinging is at times incredibly draining and taxing on […]

Kentucky AG Reveals What Helped Him Make Decision On Breonna Taylor Case, Totally Destroys Idea Of ‘Mob Justice’

(Liberty Bell) – Black liberals have been smashing on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is also black by the way, for not going ahead and charging any of the Louisville police officers who were involved in the tragic death of Breonna Taylor. Talking Points USA senior contributor Rob Smith penned a piece that was […]

Just How Terrified Are House Democrats Of President Trump? Look What They’re Trying To Do To Presidential Powers

(Liberty Bell) – It should seem pretty obvious by now, but the Democratic Party is absolutely terrified of President Trump. This has been made clear by the fact that these folks have worked around the clock for almost four years now to try and remove him from office, even managing to impeach him once. And […]

Media Absolutely Loves Joe Biden’s Faith, But Despises That Of Amy Coney Barrett’s, Despite The Fact They Belong To The Same Church; Here’s Why

(Liberty Bell) – When it comes to the Christian faith having a voice in politics, the radical left would rather wipe out the entire human race than allow one person who believes Jesus is God to exert influence over our nation and the laws that govern it. Unless, of course, you’re a diehard liberal Christian. […]

If What Google Is Being Accused Of Doing To Conservative Videos And News Sites Is True, Something Needs To Be Done Immediately

(Liberty Bell) – There are quite a few Big Tech companies out there that have a large influence over the way we consume information and news, which is a scary thought when you realize that these individuals have a particular political leaning and seemingly go out of their way to prevent sources from creating content […]

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