Dementia Joe Biden Forgets Australia PM Morrison’s Name During Globalist Announcement

(Liberty Bell) – In case you wondered if there was anything to the rumors floating around about Joe Biden having some serious cognitive issues, look at what happened recently during a trilateral military partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia. According to a report from Infowars, Biden appeared to forget the name of Australian Prime […]

Learn How YOU Can Fight Back Against Biden’s Covid Tyranny

(Liberty Bell) – With all of the insane new measures being taken by Joe Biden and his administration to allegedly fight against the COVID-19 virus, many folks in America have become very concerned about massive government overreach and oppression. These are things that are absolutely right to be concerned about. Especially after the announcement Biden […]

Yikes! Contaminated Pfizer Vaccines Reported In Several Cities

(Liberty Bell) – According to new reports from ZeroHedge, several cities in the country of Japan are now reporting that “white-colored floating substances” have been discovered in vials of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. The vials reportedly came from lof FF5357. The white floating substances were first reported by Kamakura City in Kanagawa prefecture. Then, on Tuesday, […]

RISE UP! Lawmaker Pushes State To Secede From Biden’s America

(Liberty Bell) – It seems that ever since taking office, Joe Biden has made repeated attempts to make himself the role of dictator here in the United States, having issued a slew of executive orders he was hoping would take our beautiful and free country and transform it into whatever nightmare he has concocted in […]

Pelosi Confirms General Milley Treason

(Liberty Bell) – Jennifer Griffin, a National Security Correspondent for Fox News, is now reporting that the Pentagon is saying Gen. Mark Milley “reviewed lawful launch procedures” after receiving a phone call from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a move that only further confirms this man committed a brazen act of treason. According to […]

Major Nation Announces State Is COVID-19 Free

(Liberty Bell) – Everyone’s been hearing about the medication known as Ivermectin, something that is being used to some positive results in treating the COVID-19 virus, which of course has made liberals furious because, for some strange reason, they’d rather everyone take the vaccine instead of treating the illness. This has caused the treatment to […]

BOMBSHELL: Biden Used Profane Phone Call To Pressure Manchin To Sign Off On $1.9T Stimulus

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from BizPacReview has revealed that Joe Biden applied pressure to Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in order to convince the moderate West Virginia senator to throw his support behind the $1.9 trillion spending package earlier in the year, according to a brand new book that is coming out soon from […]

Joe Biden “Making Taliban Great Again” Billboards Go Up

(Liberty Bell) – According to a new report from the folks at Infowars, a former state senator from the state of Pennsylvania has commissioned that roadside billboards go up that make the claim Joe Biden is “Making the Taliban Great Again!” The signs will feature Biden dressed up in gear like a Taliban insurgent, holding […]

Mystery: GOP Voters Discover Their Ballots Already Cast In California Recall Election

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of American voters across the United States who no longer have any faith in the integrity of our election system, thanks in large part to the mountains of evidence from the 2020 presidential race that demonstrates the Democratic Party put together the greatest voter fraud scheme in history […]

Breaking: Vaccine-Related Deaths Go THROUGH THE ROOF

(Liberty Bell) – By now, the vast majority of Americans who want the experimental COVID-19 vaccines have gotten them and those who don’t want them are the ones who remain unvaccinated. In light of Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates issued last week, it’s now more important than ever not to comply or give in to […]

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