CDC-Funded Study Confirms: COVID Shots Have No Effect On Virus Transmission

(Liberty Bell) – A CDC-funded study performed in a federal prison has confirmed what we all know to be true: the COVID vaccines do nothing to stop the transmission of the virus. “In this investigation, we found no statistically significant difference in transmission potential between vaccinated persons and persons who were not fully vaccinated,” the […]

DemocRATS Flee Sinking Ship: ANOTHER House Democrat Announces Plans To Leave Congress

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from Gateway Pundit has revealed that yet another House Democrat will be retiring from Congress, which spells disaster for the Democratic Party who is already on a sinking ship when it comes to the 2022 midterm elections next year. New York Rep. Tom Suozzi stated on Monday that he […]

JUST IN: Former Trump Advisor, Popular Newsmax Host Walks Away Over COVID Jab Mandate

(Liberty Bell) – Just six months ago loyal Trump supporter and former Trump campaign advisor, Steve Cortes, was hired as a co-host on Newsmax. Now it seems he’s made the choice to walk away after being forced to decide between his career and his medical freedom. Cortes has been open and honest about his opinions […]

The End Is Near: Joe Biden Can No Longer Read TelePrompter (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden is never going to get it together. He simply can’t. He’s too far gone. His cognitive abilities have deteriorated faster than anyone could have imagined and it’s really not funny anymore. In the latest display of obvious dementia, Joe Biden was speaking at the White House when he appeared to […]

ALERT: Some Push ‘Mass Genocide’ For The Unvaccinated

(Liberty Bell) – Some on the left are seriously deranged. With the push to get every human in the US over the age of 5 vaccinated fully underway, radical leftists are showing their true colors and they aren’t pretty. Whoever thought we’d arrive at a time in America when people would be wishing death upon […]

SHOCKING: Doctor Calls For Lockdown For… The VACCINATED!

(Liberty Bell) – A German doctor’s recent statement about support for lockdowns is certainly not going to sit well when it comes to the hardcore leftists out there who have been foaming at the mouth to get these kind of measures put in place for folks who refuse to be vaccinated. According to a report […]

BREAKING: African Doctor At “Epicenter” Of OMICRON Mocks Distortion Of Facts Over New COVID Variant [VIDEO]

(Liberty Bell) – Hey, do you guys remember way back at the start of the coronavirus pandemic when President Donald Trump was raked over the coals by left-wing media and politicians, like Joe Biden, who claimed that his travel ban on China was “racist?” It’s probably hard to recall this specific instance since the propaganda […]

Get Woke, Go Broke: Salvation Army Pulls U-Turn On ‘Guidance’ For Whites

(Liberty Bell) – Woke ideology is beginning to infect every facet of society, from entertainment we consume on a daily basis all the way through sports, education, health care, etc. However, the more “wokeness” gets pushed down the throats of average Americans, the more folks awaken to the fact this bogus way of thinking is […]

BREAKING: Fauci’s NIAID Conducted Excruciatingly Painful Experiments On Rhesus Monkeys… Injected Them With Ebola… Withheld Pain Killers

(Liberty Bell) – People are still listening to Dr. Fauci despite the fact that he has been exposed as a liar, a fraud and a sick, maniacal man. Aside from lying to the American people about COVID and pushing the entire so-called pandemic, he’s lied to Congress repeatedly about his and the NIAID’s involvement with […]

WATCH: Little Girl “Karate Blocks” Biden

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden should be sitting in a rocking chair at a nursing home somewhere instead of inside the White House pretending to run the United States of America. It truly boggles the mind when you think about the fact that Biden is the most powerful man in the world and he has […]

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