He Said It: Donald Trump Calls Out The Real Parties To Blame For Violent Riots

(Liberty Bell) – If there is one thing that we can admire the most about President Donald Trump, it’s that he’s never afraid to speak the truth, no matter how unpopular. On Saturday, the very blunt POTUS called out the parties who are to blame for the violent riots breaking out across the country, Antifa […]

Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Freedom In 5-4 Vote. This Is The Judge Who Broke From Conservatives

(Liberty Bell) – Another serious blow to religious freedom in the United States. The Supreme Court issued a rare ruling late Friday night against a California church which was challenging the state’s stay-at-home order, The Hill reports. Chief Justice John Roberts broke from the other conserative justices by casting the fifth vote in California’s favor. […]

Follow The Money…Why Did Cuomo Really Protect Nursing Home Execs From Lawsuits?

(Liberty Bell) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has received widespread criticism for not only allowing, but mandating that coronavirus patients be readmitted to nursing homes, despite the fact that occupants of nursing homes are the most vulnerable to the novel disease’s wrath. Now, as Newsmax reports, it has been revealed that a lobbying group […]

The Complete About-Face Democrat Leaders Have Done On “Social Distancing”…Did You Notice?

(Liberty Bell) – For months, Democratic politicians have been urgently warning us to socially distance. They have wanted us to remain at home, with our businesses closed, and our churches empty. All in the name of safety, right? Suddenly, they’ve done a complete about-face. This time, it’s all in the name of their pet narrative […]

As American Cities Burn, Hillary Clinton Makes Sick Accusation Against Trump

(Liberty Bell) – There’s never been a time that our nation has more sorely needed unity. This year has been devastating for national morale. We began the year with a sham impeachment that went nowhere and deepened the political divides we’d already been faced with. Americans felt abandoned by their Democrat constituents, who were more […]

Watch: Harrowing Footage Of Protests Outside White House Which Led To Lockdown

(Liberty Bell) – As cities across America erupted in riots and looting in response to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer earlier this week, the White House briefly went into lockdown as protesters swarmed the gates of the people’s house. This is a very disturbing example of how […]

Powell Explains Exactly Why The FBI, DOJ Had “No Reason Whatsoever” To Investigate General Flynn

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump’s first term will go down in history as one that witnessed the deepest degree of corruption coming out of Washington DC that the nation has ever seen. Not from the White House. No, Trump’s presidency, despite the breathtaking degree of opposition he has faced from his enemies on the […]

Watch: Trump Powerfully Denounced George Floyd Killing, So Why Did Maxine Waters Say This? So Shameful…

(Liberty Bell) – There’s something the Democrats and the mainstream media want you to know about George Floyd’s death. Virtually everyone, regardless of race, political party, or socioeconomic status agrees that Floyd’s death at the hands of an irresponsible Minnesota police officer was unjust and should be punished. This isn’t very convenient for the left’s […]

Guess Which Potential Biden VP Pick Failed To Prosecute George Floyd’s Killer? This Looks Very Bad…

(Liberty Bell) – Whenever there is a high-profile case of a suspect dying in police custody, particularly at the hands of law enforcement when they were unarmed and did not pose a threat, questions arise about the responsible officer’s history. Have there been other cases of brutality? Wrongful death? Or maybe even corruption? While the […]

Trump Makes Big Move To Combat The “Unchecked Power” Of Social Media Giants

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday, President Donald Trump made a very significant move to combat the “unchecked power” that Big Tech social media giants in Silicon Valley have been enjoying for far too long. In the form of an executive order, Trump seeks to punish social media networks for what he and many others have […]

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