Whistleblower Comes Forward With Bombshell: Guess What Happened To These “Pro-Military” Ballots In Michigan?

(Liberty Bell) – According to a new report recently published by BizPacReview, three women have come forward claiming that they witnessed the counting of ballots in the key battleground state of Michigan during and after Election Day, and have testified they saw fraud first hand at a recent public Michigan State Oversight Committee hearing held […]

Breaking: DOJ Pushes Back Against Reports That Barr Said Investigation Into Voter Fraud Is Over

(Liberty Bell) – On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that, according to a conversation they’d had with Attorney General Bill Barr, the DOJ had concluded there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 election. This earned Barr a hefty bit of criticism from patriots and pro-Trumpers across the country who have been […]

Busted: Local BLM Chapters Start To Bust Out National Org… Where Is All The Money Going?

(Liberty Bell) – Uh-oh. Trouble in radical progressive paradise. Ten local chapters of Black Lives Matter issued a statement on Monday accusing the national arm of the organization for failing to provide financial support to the local entities who are tasked with carrying out the group’s stated mission. The local chapters calling out the umbrella […]

Guess What This Los Angeles County Lawmaker Did Just After Banning Outdoor Eating?

(Liberty Bell) – Is there any bigger hypocrite than the Democrat politician and COVID regulations? Seriously! A County Supervisor to Los Angeles, fresh off the heels after voting in favor of banning outdoor dining in the county, went out to eat outside. You’ve got to be joking. These people are not interested in controlling the […]

Sidney Powell Issues Ominous Warning Over Claims Of Voter Fraud In Virginia; They’re Shaking In Their Boots

(Liberty Bell) – Attorney Sidney Powell, who represents General Michael Flynn, has been waging a war against voter fraud in key battleground states, alleging that she has vast amounts of evidence that proves the election is being stolen by Democrats from President Donald Trump. There has been plenty of evidence that has come out of […]

Here’s A Warning Of The “Danger” Facing America From Jon Voight That Every American Should Hear

(Liberty Bell) – Conservatives in Hollywood are a rare breed. Most of them have to hide in fear of being ostracized and attacked by the leftist mob that rules. Fortunately, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight is not afraid of these bullies and tyrants and is taking a stand against the leftist corruption. In a recent video, […]

Kamala “Scoffs” At Prospect Of Trump 2024 While Trump Supporters Ponder Direction Of GOP

(Liberty Bell) – Should President Trump fail to overcome the fraud and corruption that has stolen the election from him, it’s likely he’ll be looking to run again in 2024 and America will be in desperate need of him by that point. The media has wasted no time in reporting this prospect and Senator Kamala […]

Biden Raises Eyebrows With Yet Another Shady Potential Administration Pick

(Liberty Bell) – There has been nothing about Joe Biden’s “winning” of the election that hasn’t been controversial from the supposed “win” itself to the people he is selecting to fill his possible administration with. There have been numerous people named for filling possible positions that have been involved with corruption such as the Michael […]

Breaking: Sidney Powell Reveals She Has Jaw-Dropping Evidence Of Paid Ballot Harvesting

(Liberty Bell) – The 2020 election was seriously compromised. I don’t think there’s any point in even bothering to deny it. After all, the best denial that there was widespread voter fraud that the Democrats and the mainstream media can come up with is to simply, well, flat-out deny it exists. They never bother to […]

Huge: The Major U.S. Ally President Who Hasn’t Yet Accepted Biden As President-Elect

(Liberty Bell) – Millions of American voters refuse to accept that former Vice President Joe Biden is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. If anything, he will not be the formal winner until the electoral college meets in December and casts their votes. And that’s if, and only if, the tenacious legal bulldogs who […]

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