Ted Cruz Highlights Biden Administration Connections To The Chinese Communist Party

(Liberty Bell) – By now everyone should be pretty aware of the fact that Joe Biden is a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party. Not only that but they played a major role in getting him fraudulently installed as the president of the US. In truth, Joe Biden might not even know he’s a puppet, […]

Laura Ingraham: Dems Use Capitol Lockdown As Distraction From Real Invasion At The Southern Border

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have been tirelessly using the Capitol riot as a means to justify their hatred of Trump and his supporters. It’s been their justification to demonize and even criminalize all 74 million of them. They’re using the incident to justify the continued presence of the National Guard in Washington DC along with […]

Feds Drop Tons Of Antifa Cases In The City Of Portland As Terror Rampage Rages On, Threatening To Consume The City

(Liberty Bell) – The federal government is tossing out dozens and dozens of Antifa related cases in the city of Portland, Oregon, despite the fact that the terrorist group has been waging all-out war on the city for months on end now. According to a new report from the good folks over at Big League […]

Tim Allen, Star Of ‘Last Man Standing,’ Says He’s Glad President Trump ‘Pissed People Off’

(Liberty Bell) – Outspoken conservative comedian Tim Allen, star of the hit series, Last Man Standing, sat down for a chat on the “WTF With Marc Maron” podcast where he stated that he liked that former President Donald Trump “pissed people off.” As you might imagine, this sent the world of social media into absolute […]

Will Biden Force Christians To Do The Unthinkable?

(Liberty Bell) – The question that a lot of folks are dying to have answered is whether or not President Joe Biden will end up forcing doctors to perform gender reassignment surgeries and abortions against their religious beliefs? The problem here is that the Biden administration is not answering that question. Then again, ever since […]

Former Clinton Adviser Sounds The Alarm About The True Intentions Of Democrats, Says They’re Ushering In ‘Totalitarian State Before Our Eyes’

(Liberty Bell) – Author and Democratic Party activist Naomi Wolf said something on Monday that’s definitely going to make her very unpopular within her own movement and party concerning the true intentions of modern liberals and what they want to accomplish with the coronavirus pandemic. According to BizPacReview, Wolf stated that “autocrats” are using the […]

Sheriff Reveals High-Speed Roads Made To Help Border Patrol Now Being Used By Cartels After Biden Stops Wall Construction

(Liberty Bell) – A sheriff from the state of Arizona is furious with President Joe Biden after he issued a halt to the wall construction going on along the U.S-Mexico border, which started under the previous administration, stating that this poor policy decision is now helping cartels smuggle in unanticipated ways. According to a report […]

Judge Set To Look At Psaki Email Allegedly Showing She Lied To Media Over Iran Nuclear Deal

(Liberty Bell) – A federal judge has given the order for the federal government to hand over an email in which Jen Psaki, the current White House press secretary, actually admits to being dishonest with the media concerning the details of the Iran nuclear deal during the time it was being negotiated by the Obama […]

Golden Globes Viewership Crashes Through The Floor — More Americans Watched Trump’s CPAC Speech Online!

(Liberty Bell) – The big shots over there in Hollywood are no doubt smarting from the devastating blow that former President Donald Trump delivered to one of their big nights of the year, the Golden Globes, as viewership for the event dropped by 60 percent this year and more Americans tuned in to watch Trump’s […]

2 Months Later, FBI Director Still Isn’t Revealing The Cause Of Capitol Police Officer’s Death

(Liberty Bell) – It’s almost been two months since Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died, passing away just a few hours after the riot started at the U.S. Capitol building. For weeks after the incident occurred the mainstream media, or as we like to fondly refer to them around these parts, the Democratic Party’s propaganda […]

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