Catholic Senator Finds out He Cannot Take Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies

The Biden regime has renewed its attacks on the unborn by supporting abortion and pushing for its legalization everywhere. The liberals think that people have the right to kill unborn children just because they can. The right to live is a fundamental concept ingrained in every person. So, when the church steps up and supports […]

Defund the Police…But Wait…Cori Bush Wants Security

Liberals are really good at making demands of things that other people should give up…like security and peace of mind. How is it that a U.S. Representative can spend months demanding that the police be defunded only to turn around spend close to $70,000 on private security? Well, Cori Bush has managed to do exactly […]

Biden Forced to Admit That His Utopia for America Is an Absolute Failure

Jenn Psaki is the spokesperson for the White House. She has to tell America everything that Biden commands her to speak. The nutty president’s secret plan for America is to get everyone to embrace communism with a heart that accepts it willingly. For years the Democrats have painted the picture that socialism is grand and […]

Major Support for DeSantis as Internet to Cuba Idea Takes Shape

The people suffering in Cuba are looking for anyone willing to help them find freedom. They have tried to tell their stories by posting to social media only to have their internet cut off by their evil dictator. The Cuban people have a lot of people that want to help them any way that they […]

New York Times Crosses the Line and Defends Teaching Porn to Kids

The insanity flooding the country because of Joe Biden is absurdity on display. The Democrats think they can do whatever they want with any person, no matter what their age might be. Parents are in an outrage at a school counselor who thought it would be good to teach little kids all about pornography and […]

Ben Carson Blows CRT out of the Water Proving It’s Even Breaking Down the Democratic Agenda

If someone told you that an iconic and renowned neurosurgeon was finding new ways to save the world and particularly the most innocent among us, from damage and destruction, you’d probably brush my comments off, saying you don’t have time to read about your favorite television doctor (who by the way, never have to die, […]

Psaki Changes Story as to Why People Are Protesting in Cuba

Jenn Psaki is the latest liberal to stick her neck out on the chopping block daring someone to take a swing. First, it was Twitter that started the rumor that COVID-19 was the reason for all the unrest. But that story was soon debunked by videos circulated and was quickly removed by the communist regime. […]

Progressives Worst Fear Coming out of Cuba Right Now

Bernie Sanders is the oldest progressive that America is cheering on the communist regime in Cuba. His socialist policies he spreads around America and campaigns with mirrors precisely what the Cubans are protesting about. Sanders and his Democratic lovers have been silent on the Cuban protests since they broke out over the weekend. The selfish […]

Terrorist Group Demands All Americans Stop Flying the Flag

The terrorist group Black Lives Matter is once again attacking people and the American way of life. They hate the idea that people that love America fly their flags in their private homes. They have taken to the media to voice their disgust about people that show their patriotism. The BLM chapter in Utah is […]

Biden’s Fascist America! Biden Admin Tells American That Government Is Entitled to Know Medical Details of Every American

Republican vaccine holdouts are a thorn in the side of Democratic lawmakers at the moment. The argument that is being made here is counterproductive to whatever moment that the Democrats are trying to start, though. This is a man who has been on the left side of many California culture wars. That makes him ill-suited […]

Battled Fatigued Democrats Need ICE Gone to Continue Their Fight Against America

The country would be a better place if people such as Rashida Tlaib could not find it easy to spread their hatred for people. She is one of many Democrats that want to tear down the organizations that make America a safe and wonderful place to live. Her latest cries for attack call for the […]

Oh The Priorities! Democrats Sing Down With Freedom and Willfully Ignore Chicago Murder Rate

The liberals running the show in Chicago have decided that limiting the Fourth of July celebrations is more important than protecting people from being murdered by criminals. The Democrats that are slowly destroying Chicago have taken their fight a step further. Their reluctance to support the nation that gives them freedom is a slap in […]

Critical Race Theory is Trash, Listen to Ben Carson

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has to be one of the most divisive things to ever come out of DC. According to CRT, we have to be more racist if we’re going to become anti-racist. With this being shoved into everyone’s faces, we’re supposed to start judging everyone and every scenario based on skin color. CRT […]

Illegal Murders Dozens but No Death Sentence for Him

At what point did the criminal justice system turn in favor of illegal migrants? How we treat American citizens should be how we treat illegal immigrants, too. Yet, that’s not the game that the liberals want to play. Anyone who is accused of murdering 24 people should get the death sentence. You don’t accidentally murder […]

Biden Makes Most Pointless Statement of All Time

If there is one thing that the Democrats do well, they love to brag about themselves. They love to take credit from the people that did the work. Most of the time, their bragging attempts to make them look better than others around them because they love the spotlight. And they certainly are not willing […]

Ilhan Omar Against Bill to Replenish Iron Dome

Israel has long had to defend itself against the terrors that surround its people. Islamic terrorists and extremists make it their mission to attack and kill Jewish people every chance that they get. The installation and use of the Iron Dome have saved countless Jewish lives over the past few years. And Israel looks to […]

Dems Find No Crimes to Charge Trump With

For nearly five years, the Democratic Party has tried to get a peek at Donald Trump’s tax returns. They tried every way possible to force him to hand them over. But it would take a court ruling to get him to release them to liberals. So they needed the tax returns to smear the man […]

It’s Official! Pelosi Doubles Down on Stupid and Confirms “Compromise” Infrastructure Bill Is a Trap

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden think that they are geniuses who can play us all for fools. We see through their good cop/bad cop routine, though. This nonsense is as transparent as it gets. Biden’s got the good cop role down pat. He’s willing to work with the GOP and fancies himself as a man […]

College Panders Baby Students Who Cannot Handle Adult Life

Students attending liberal-run universities are the biggest babies ever to seek higher education. Those that have bought into the Democratic mindset that the world somehow owes them something are spoiled to the core. Most of them would like to have their diploma handed to them without ever doing the work. And now that they have […]

Democrats Now Blame Republicans for Defunding Police in Liberal Cities

The Democratic Party seeks to destroy law enforcement agencies all around the country. Their demands to defund the police echoed through major liberal-controlled cities. And when the liberal city councils lacked the backbone to deny such requests, crime rates would rise to unfounded heights. People would cry for the funding of the police just so […]

Media Takes Swing at DeSantis and Strikes out Again

The media is known for being relentlessly wrong on many of their stories. They make things up about people they need to smear and lie to cover up the trail that leads to their incrimination. For example, they attacked Donald Trump while he was in office, and they accused him of all sorts of stuff […]

And More Racist Banter From Biden! Assumes EVERY Latino Is Illegally in the Country (Video)

If you ever wanted the perfect summation of the Joe Biden experience, this clip is here to provide it. Biden is the master of attempting to appear woke, while still saying some of the most racist things known to man. It’s really a gift and we wonder why the Democrats continue to allow it to […]

Vietnam-First Trade Policy Sure Looks Better Than What Biden’s Got Going On

What’s the first thing that they tell you when you’re on a plane during the safety briefing? You secure your air mask before securing the masks of those around you. It’s a way to ensure your survival. Steady yourself so you can help others. You have to prioritize yourself. America first, others second. Biden’s America […]

Permit-Free Gun Carrying Could End Violence or Jumpstart It

Have you noticed that the majority of mass shootings happen where people aren’t allowed to carry weapons? Additionally, they happen in liberal cities where they assume that the average citizen isn’t carrying. Texas is about to put it to the test. Governor Greg Abbott has decided to sign a bill that would allow permit-free gun […]

Supreme Court Justice Breyer Isn’t Liberal Enough for the Liberals

It’s amazing how the Democratic Party is falling apart. Liberals are the ones calling the shots because they’re the loudest. And they’re willing to pick apart their own party in order to drag everyone as far to the left as possible. No one had an issue with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was an icon, and […]

Ahem, President Biden…It’s Time to Fire Harris from the Border Issue

Enough is enough. It’s been months since President Biden appointed VP Harris to fix the border issue. The only thing Harris has done is refuse to visit the southern border. Oh, and she did hold a few press conferences where she insincerely told migrants “Do not come to the United States.” The migrant issue is […]

Truth-Focused Filmmaker Gets Shut Down by Instagram After Receiving Too Many Likes

It’s amazing what is and isn’t allowed to be on social media these days. Truth is damaging to the left, which means that they’ll get banned for reasons unknown. And on Instagram, they’ve proven that they can’t handle the truth – shutting down a filmmaker once she told the truth to too many people. Maggie […]

Now This Is America! Desantis Pardons All COVID-19 Business Violations

Florida governor Ron DeSantis promised that all business violations of COVID-19 restrictions would be wiped away nearly a month. He is granting clemency to all of these businesses and he did so live on the air with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. Mike and Jillian Carnevale are gym owners who were victimized by the policy. They […]

Wow! Scientists Who Pushed Natural Origin for COVID Now Admit It Was All Lies to Destroy Trump

“The science around the lab leak theory hasn’t changed. But here’s why some scientists have,” reads the latest headline from NBC. That’s how they are describing the sudden shift in sentiment over the lab leak theory. All of a sudden, scientists are willing to admit that a lab accident took place. Even the great and […]

Republicans Gearing up for Major Stonewalling in 2022 Over Supreme Court

Democrats everywhere are hoping to find the support they need to pack out the Supreme Court to eliminate the last barrier that keeps them from destroying America. The high court has a conservative majority, which causes them ulcers as they keep advancing their agenda. But the court has sent a clear message to Biden that […]

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