These Are Some of the Almost Two Dozen False Claims Obama Made About Trump While Campaigning for Sleepy Joe

Former President Barack Obama did his part for the party that made him a household name on Saturday when he went out to campaign for his former Vice President Joe Biden. The former president had a few things to say in support of “Sleepy Joe,” unfortunately for anyone who put stock in the 44th president’s […]

Will Bernie Sanders Be a Part of the Biden Cabinet?

Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist. This means that he’s a socialist first and foremost. In the past, he ran on the independent ticket. He simply added the ‘Democratic’ in front to become more mainstream – and to be able to run in the Democratic Party. He has all sorts of ideas about minimum […]

Brian Stelter Rips Into Washington Examiner Correspondent for Calling out CNN on Ethics

CNN’s Brian Stelter took it upon himself to be a beacon for morality when he lit into Washington Examiner Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio for calling out mainstream media outlets, such as Stelter’s, for their “ethics” in reporting on the supposed connection between President Donald Trump and Russia in the form of collusion. The stories […]

Hillary (Thankfully) Just Jinxed the Biden/Harris Campaign with a Single Tweet

Democrats can’t seem to figure out that they need to keep their mouths shut. They talk and they talk without thinking about what it is that they say. And their egos are getting the best of them. They’re so egotistical that they think that they have the election in the bag. Only they don’t. In […]

Seattle Officers Refuse to Retire from PD Quietly

Seattle has had a rough go of it for 2020, and that’s not even taking into consideration the pandemic. Liberals have overtaken the city. First, they had to deal with CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Now, they’re dealing with radical leftist leaders who want to allow the criminals to rule while punishing the law-abiding […]

Cuomo to Kill More? His Plans to Withhold the Vaccine from NY

Andrew Cuomo may be one of the most egotistical governors that the state of New York has ever seen. Even before the pandemic is over, he published a book that pats himself on the back at the amazing job he did handling COVID-19. Amazing job is certainly debatable considering he made an executive order that […]

Active Duty Suicide Escalates Out-of-Control

On average, PTSD suicide continues to claim the lives of 22 of America’s precious veterans, every day. These are warriors and combatants who could not successfully transition back to the civilian life they had once known. It wasn’t so much that their previous lives were all that different from what they left behind, the difference […]

The Truth’s out! Biden Confirms He’s Open to Court-Packing but Won’t Say What He Is Going to Do

Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos hosted the Joe Biden town hall on ABC last night because we all know Joe needs a host that won’t press him too hard. With that being said, the town hall was still filled with interesting moments. They tried their best to make sure that Biden only received softball questions but […]

Biden Claims He Did Nothing Wrong but His Record Tells a Different Story

The Biden’s illegal involvement in Burisma is coming to the surface the more that is uncovered in the investigation. Hunter Biden’s emails implicate his sadistic father in his quick advancement to the natural gas companies’ board of directors. Apparently, these secret emails were discovered at a computer repair shop. Those emails found their way to […]

Continued Civil Unrest in MN Could Lead to a Trump Victory

The Democrats can’t seem to get their cities under control – and what’s been going on in Minnesota is unbelievable. They have proven that they’re not even listening to the rants of concerned citizens. The citizens want the police. They want protection. Yet, the Dems continue to push for defunding the police and allowing the […]

Whitmer Loses a Second Time Over Her Attempt to Become Dictator

Goofy Governor Whitmer has had her face slapped off again as the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that she is overstepping her authority as it relates to COVID-19. Whitmer has seen to it to keep the state locked down and over restricted. Her power grab is nothing more than an attempt by her to control […]

Postal Worker Arrested After Mail-In Ballots Found in Dumpster

A New Jersy postal worker was arrested after it was found that he is likely guilty of dumping mail in a dumpster. Included in that mail were mail-in ballots that were supposed to be delivered to local voters. According to Fox5 New York, the mail carrier was arrested on Wednesday for discarding “a large amount […]

Democrats Threaten to Destroy Supreme Court

Joe Biden is the mysterious candidate that is running for the presidency. There are certain things that he refuses to announce as his campaign moves along. The reason he refuses to reveal his plans is that he has none. And that is fairly evident with what he has not revealed about his idea to pack […]

Biden Defies All Odds and Says Another Dumb Thing About Police

Joe Biden has no filter left for his mouth. All attempts to tell him what to say by the puppet masters have failed, and he is embarrassing every Democrat in the country. Over the past few months, he has said a lot of things that have made no sense at all. And now it seems […]

We’re Done Here! Trump Ends Negotiations with Pelosi

It’s hard to negotiate with someone who is completely insane. Rather than bother trying any longer, President Trump has decided to stop negotiating with Nancy Pelosi until after the elections. Of course, the far left is losing their minds. The conspiracy theories are spinning out of control, making it seem as though Trump is looking […]

Rare Moment of Insight! Biden Admits He Has No Law Enforcement Support

When the first debate took place between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump won a lot of support for calling out Biden on his law enforcement policies. Trump correctly pointed out that Biden did not have any support from law enforcement organizations. He wanted voters to know what would happen to their police stations if […]

Group or Ideology? Either Way, Dems Have to Address the Problem

The Dems can’t seem to figure out how they want to deal with one of the biggest problems plaguing the nation: Antifa. Is it a group or is it an ideology? Perhaps, it’s both. Either way, the people who identify themselves as part of Antifa are tearing the nation apart. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority […]

Who Was the Debate’s Loser? Moderator Chris Wallace

The presidential debate went off without a hiccup on Thursday night, surprisingly enough. Both candidates were polite and respectful. They both gave each other the chance to speak, the moderator handled all of the bumps in the road with grace and aplomb and all was well. All of that changed once the first minute passed, […]

ICE Moves Into Chicago and Takes Down 88 Illegals Terrorizing the People

Chicago has become the criminal’s playground since the Democrats have sided with the terrorists threatening lives and peaceful living. All around the nation, the cities that have seen a rise in crime have been the ones that defunded the police, or they praised the violent actions of people looting and killing others. The liberals are […]

Bombshell? Documents Show Russia Was Actually Trying to Prevent Trump From Winning in 2016

The Trump administration is currently in the process of declassifying a document that could turn the whole Trump/Russia conversation on its ear. The Obama administration tried their best to pin this theory on Trump. Spying ran rampant, to the point where President Trump was receiving warnings from other government officials. According to John Solomon’s report, […]

Surprised! Joe Biden Refuses Drug Test

Are you surprised? Joe Biden rejected calls for him to take a drug test before the first U.S. Presidential Debate. After weeks of avoiding the question, Joe Biden finally cracked. Must have missed his dose. President Trump on Sunday morning called on Joe Biden to voluntarily undergo a drug screen prior to the debate on […]

Caught Red-Handed: Veritas Video Proves Democrat’s Cash-for-Ballot Plans

Project Veritas is issuing their latest video expose and they are placing a huge spotlight on the Democrats’ ballot harvesting caper. This scheme involves a number of power players. Representative Ilhan Omar’s associates are said to have involvement, as well as various political allies. The footage, which was captured undercover, was released on Sunday. Project […]

Louisville Church Offers Sanctuary to BLM Militants Beating up White People (Video)

When a Louisville church attempted to offer themselves up as a sanctuary during the riots, no one ever could have predicted what would come of this seemingly harmless decision. The doors to the church were opened, since the building was considered exempt from the mayor’s curfew orders. Once the doors were opened, mayhem ensued. The […]

AOC Pushes Fake System to Justify Criminals Threatening Police

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back and ripe for making fun of again as she defies all logic by going to the defense of the woman killed in an altercation with the police. The death of Breonna Taylor was tragic. But her actions towards the cops was hostile and threatening. Police do not just randomly shoot people […]

Election Fraud: Democrats Destroy Over a Million Mail-In Ballots in Senate Primary

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is a former United States Senate candidate who is perhaps best known for the invention of e-mail. He is now leveling a serious accusation against the Democrats. They are alleged to have destroyed over a million mail-in ballots during a primary race for the United States Senate. This is a textbook case […]

Even Refugees Warn of the Dangers of a Dem Win

Refugees are capable of warming the hearts of every Dem out there. It’s a chance to feel as though their bleeding hearts have really done well for mankind. Typically, refugees will vote with the Dems…until now. You know it’s a sad state of affairs when the refugees throughout the United States are warning of what […]

Say What! Apple Changes Siri to Identify Police as Terrorists

Apple phone owners are well acquainted with Siri. She’s the personal assistant who pops up when you have questions. She operates through artificial intelligence and is also powered by voice recognition. We have had lots of fun in the past with her. It’s hilarious to watch her spit out answers to any questions that we […]

Baltimore’s Kim Klacik Releases Another Ad Exposing the Dems’ Decades of Failure

Kim Klacik has been killing it on the campaign trail lately. Her ads cut right to the core of the Democrats. Since they are unable to paint her as a racist for doing so (she’s a black woman), they don’t have much of a response to what she is saying. As the GOP nominee for […]

Fauci Comes Clean and Admits Trump was Right About Vaccine Time Frame

The country is demanding a shutdown of the COVID-19 restrictions. People are ready for the expensive masks to be put away and for the stores to reopen for regular business. Lives have been changed to the point that many have lost their financial savings and even their homes. Only a return to regular operation will […]

AOC Admits That Biden Is Nothing More than a Trojan Horse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let the cat out of the bag when she recently talked about Biden. She confirmed what many of us already knew. Biden is a figurehead…a Trojan horse. He looks good on the ballots because he has the political experience. He served alongside Obama. He’s easier to get into the White House than some […]

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