The Dems’ New Normal: BLM-Antifa Mob Brutally Beat Innocent White Bystander in Portland

These are the “peaceful” protests that people seem to love so much, at least those who identify as leftists. During a Portland demonstration that took place over the weekend, a white man was brutally beaten by a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters. They were using their fists, in addition to a range of blunt […]

Dr. Birx Shoots Back After Unfounded Attacks by Pelosi

When Dr. Birx was recently interviewed by CNN, she could not resist the urge to respond to a few shots that had been taken by Speaker Pelosi. This is simply what she does. Anyone that sees fit to sit down with her ends up serving as the platform for her latest series of grievances. In […]

The Truth About “Peaceful Protests” – Protesters Pack Commercial Fireworks With Nails to Ensure Maximum Carnage

The leftist mainstream media has been on the side of the protesters since the demonstrations first began. The insinuation that they have been beating everyone over the heads with isn’t that hard to understand. If you do not stand in support of these protests, you are considered to be a racist. The Atlanta Field Office […]

Surprise: Trump’s Gaining Ground in Minnesota After Dems Abandoned Its Citizens to Violent Mobs

In 11 of the 12 states that have recently been polled, voters are moving to the left. They are in Biden’s corner. That’s not great news for President Trump but there is one state that is moving in his direction and it’s an interesting one. It’s the state of Minnesota. Guess what? There are even […]

The Dems’ Propaganda Machine: Facebook Censors Video of American Front Line Doctors Addressing Media Lies About COVID-19

United States doctors who are currently on the front line are trying their best to provide the rest of the nation with information that they can actually use. The video that circulated yesterday was immediately swatted down by the Democrats’ propaganda machine, though. It had received 17 million views but that did not seem to […]

77% of Americans Worry About Rising Violence While Democrats Need It to Continue

The statistic that has been quoted in the title of this piece might seem grim to some but in reality? It is some of the best news that the Trump campaign team could have received. The mainstream media may want everyone to think that Biden has the lead when it comes to the upcoming election […]

The Dems’ new normal: Armed Militias join BLM riots, 3 shot

Breonna Taylor’s death has been the catalyst for a number of protests and the city of Louisville is still feeling the after effects of her untimely death. The general public is demanding the arrest of the officers who were involved. The officers stand accused of murdering the young woman in her sleep while using a […]

Trump Doubles Down on Law & Order Over Democrat’s Objections

2020 has been an insane year. It’s getting to the point where we are not surprised by any headline that we read. You could tell us anything at this point and we would be willing to believe you. Our current reality has become dystopian. State cops and federal officers are now having gun battles in […]

The Dems’ New Normal: High School Football Coach Fired Because He Also Works as a Police Sergeant

The city of Portland is slowly losing its mind and this story provides us with all of the evidence that we need. This is the story of a man who has a side gig as a high school football coach in the region. In many instances, this is how it works. Most schools cannot afford […]

Chicago Police Are Begging Trump to Save the City From Clueless Mayor

While some might be focused on the rash of deadly shootings that is taking place in Chicago, there is no reason to worry about them at this point. The city has far larger fish to fry. The police officers who are employed by the city of Chicago are at their wit’s end and they do […]

American Freedom: Missouri AG Vows to Dismiss Charges Against Mccloskey

A major standoff is about to take place in the state of Missouri. The district attorney of St. Louis County, Kimberly Gardner, is filing charges against a couple who looked to defend their home in the midst of the protests. Mark and Patricia McCloskey are facing felony and misdemeanor charges because of their willingness to […]

Bombshell: Steele Dossier Source Linked to Billionaire Leftwing Activist Soros

When Democratic representative Adam Schiff decided to put on his big show of an impeachment trial, he needed a star witness for the occasion. Fiona Hill is her name. Now, we have learned more about some shocking revelations that are closely associated with this witness. She has very close ties with Igor Danchenko. He’s the […]

Portland’s Left Calling for the “Abolition of the United States” and Dem’s Stay Silent

Portland’s protests were once centered around the Black Lives Matter movement but now the city has fully begun their descent into chaos. Antifa members and their sympathizers have been tearing up the streets, claiming that they are fed up with America as a whole. They are not looking to raise awareness about police brutality, they […]

Police Unions Picking Sides Against the Democrat’s Violent Mobs, Endorsing Trump

The National Association of Police Organizations has offered up their endorsement for the next election. It will probably come as a surprise to no one that President Trump was their choice. Anyone with eyes can see that Joe Biden is not on the side of the police officers. He’s currently in the process of saying […]

BLM Protests Once Again Turn Violent, Injures 4 NYPD Officers

New York City leaders and residents are starting to become truly concerned with the rash of violence that is currently taking place. A pro-police march had been scheduled to head across the Brooklyn Bridge, raising awareness about their concerns. Faith leaders led the march, in hopes of talking some sense into the protesters that are […]

Is This Real? Twitter Censors Images of Bean Cans as “Sensitive Content” Because They Are Goya

The Democrats and the cancel culture police are coming together to censor the rest of us once again. This time around, you won’t believe what they are teaming up against. Goya Foods is their target and it would be hilarious if it weren’t so ridiculous. When Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue decided to praise Trump, […]

US Navy Stands Their Ground in South China Sea Against China’s Aggression

China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea have been summarily rejected by the United States. The United States State Department has denied the claims that are being made by the PRC. They do not have any rights to any of the territory outside of the 12 mile nautical limit. Beijing’s claim to the territory […]

Property and Violent Crime Rises in Minneapolis but Policing Dropped 34%. Coincidence?

Minneapolis was ground zero for the protesting since it is where George Floyd died. The police throughout the city have felt bullied after what happened. Rather than identifying that there was one bad cop, everyone is feeling the heat. Now, over a month since George Floyd’s death, property and violent crimes are on the rise. […]

BLM Supporters Shoot First, Ask Questions Never

There’s something to be said about civil discourse. Let’s have a conversation and work out our problems. Let’s see if we can’t compromise or help one side learn more about where the other side is coming from. Supporters of Black Lives Matter have shown that they aren’t interested in civil discourse. They don’t want to […]

NYC Bans All Gatherings Except Violent BLM Riots and Looting of Course

Bill De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray recently decided to take part in the Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place in New York City. The beleaguered mayor has found himself in hot water over and over again ever since the riots began. That’s probably why he decided to partake in this event. […]

Watch: This Is What Teaching Will Look Like If Dems Get Their Way

If CDC guidelines are adhered to, parents all over the country are going to be struggling to teach their little ones. This should be obvious to anyone but the Democrats are still standing in the way. Conservative Mama is here to provide a much needed moment of levity during all of the serious discussions, though. […]

Ultimate Insult: NYC Dems Want Cops to Buy Their Own Liability Insurance or Get Fired

New York City has decided that they are going to slash their city’s police budget considerably. Since the money is going to be redistributed to various causes that are related to social justice, many are wondering how that deficit is going to be handled going forward. We are getting our first glimpse into the new […]

Toronto BLM Leader Calls White People “Subhuman” and “Genetically Defect”

Yusra Khogali is the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Toronto but she has found herself in the news for different reasons lately. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, she referred to white people as a “genetic defect of blackness”. If she felt so strongly about this, why did she […]

Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Mob Violence and Murder

Mike Lee decided to put his cards on the table recently. He has grown weary of the Democrats and elected to finally do something about it. They were dared to block woke riots’ denunciation. Can you believe that they actually did? Bob Menendez is the one who stepped up to the plate, though. He objected […]

Biden Confirms He Will Do Whatever the Mob Demands

Ever since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic candidate, he has been on the warpath. He wants everyone to know that he is the antithesis of President Trump. Now, he is telling even more lies about the changes that will take place in this country if he is elected. He took to Twitter yesterday and […]

Signs of Things to Come in the US: China’s Crackdown on Freedom

Chinese President Xi Jinping decided to sign a new national security law that would lead to a major crackdown on Hong Kong. As expected, it has not taken long for the police to start going after all of the suspected violators. According to the police, at least 300 protesters have already been arrested on a […]

Report: Flynn Was Targeted Because He Knew Brennan and Co Were Spending Billions off Books

Sidney Powell paid a recent visit to Vicki McKenna’s radio show and she dropped a major bomb on listeners. Lifezette issued a report about the information as well. For those who are unfamiliar, Sidney Powell served as Michael Flynn’s attorney. As it turns out, Flynn was a deep state target and he knew too much. […]

(Video) BLM Publicly Announces Lynching Strategy for NYPD Officers

A Black Lives Matter protester took to the streets yesterday with a message that is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone who still considers themselves a supporter of the police. He relayed the message over a megaphone, so there is no doubt about what he was saying and why. “I wanna put […]

65 People Shot, 17 Murdered Including 3 Children and Democrats Don’t Care

The weekends have been incredibly violent in Chicago as of late. You would think that these types of stories would make the news but nope. The Democrats do not care and the mainstream media is sticking their collective heads in the sand, too. 100 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend before last alone. […]

Left Openly Threatens to Burn Down Restaurant Because It Caters to Police

This Tennessee restaurant decided to cancel a catering gig because they received threats from leftists. Shuford’s Smoke House is the business that was threatened because they had the audacity to accept an order from the boys in blue. According to Shuford’s, leftists told them that they were going to burn the business down if they […]

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